My NASA Experience 2009

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NASA is at the forefront of scientific advancement. New life-changing technology is discovered all the time. But NASA isn’t all about the science and engineering. Another team is hard at work bringing NASA success to the public. The News Media and Public Affairs staff use their writing, photographic, videographic, marketing, and networking skills to manage and present NASA Langley to the rest of the world.

This summer, I was able to intern with the News Media and Public Affairs team to gain valuable knowledge and experience about all aspects of NASA Langley news media. The tasks I completed and activities I observed will help me throughout my career.

I am currently pursuing a degree in Mass Communications at the University of Utah and focusing on both visual communication and new media. I have worked with NASA Langley’s photojournalist, online newspaper reporter, website manager, and other Langley News Media personnel to expand my understanding of each aspect of my potential career.